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As well as being great fun and as popular as ever with primary school children, parents and teachers also love Top Trumps as it delivers a range of educational benefits through 'camouflaged learning'.

Educational Benefits of Top Trumps

In 2011, The National Children's Bureau (The NCB) carried out some research on the game and confirmed that Top Trumps does help children improve their basic numeracy and literacy, as well as help them gain and deepen their knowledge on the subject matter covered in the pack.

Among teachers who were interviewed as part of the study many agreed that playing Top Trumps enabled children to:

  • Practice reading skills

  • Learn new words or mathematical terms such as units

  • Exercise number skills such as comparing heights, weights, dates, or rating scales

  • Hone decision-making skills/ ability to make choices

  • Develop lateral thinking and strategic play

  • Find out and retain new facts and figures

In addition, many teachers use Top Trumps to help engage ‘reluctant readers’ in a subject matter that interests them and thus encourages them to want to learn and read more.

Top Trumps produces hundreds of different packs on a variety of subject matters: from Dinosaurs to Baby Animals and Star Wars to Disney Princesses.

Whatever the kids are into - so are we!


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