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How to Run Your Top Trumps After School Club

Running a Top Trumps after-school club is easy. There are no hard and fast rules as everyone knows how to play Top Trumps, and if they don’t, it’s super easy to learn how to play. However, to help you add a bit of variety to your sessions each week, once you are a member, click on the resources tab on this site to access a few helpful tools and ideas for warm-up sessions, alternative game-play ideas and activities that you can use during your club sessions.


Case Study

The initial expenditure was very minimal, especially as I had enrolled the school into the Top Trumps School Club and received a free Top Trumps Turbo game, which included six packs of Top Trumps along with a digital spinner, peg-boards and instructions to transform the cards into a longer lasting group game for six players. I also took along a few of our own packs to add into the mix. All the packs have been played with but the most popular have been Deadly 60, Monster Jam and The Dog.

“When a letter arrived home in my daughters book bag asking for volunteers to run after school clubs I wondered what I could offer. Like most of my great ideas, the eureka moment came to me whilst I had a glass of wine in my hand, A Top Trumps Club!

I love playing games and had recently beaten my eldest son at Top Trumps, but would this card game translate into a good after school club? The answer has been a definite yes!


My after school club consisted of 16 boys and girls mostly from Year 4. I split the group into children who were Top Trumps diehards and could play independently, and those who were newer to the game. I took this last group and played with them to teach them how to play the Turbo edition. It really is very easy, like all good games simple to learn but compelling to play. The others organised themselves into smalls groups and needed no encouragement to start playing. It was great to see them taking turns, discussing strategy and place value and encouraging each other. Sometimes they even worked out the differences between the cards values cementing number skills they had learnt in class without realising it! All this was with minimum input from any adults. All the children enjoyed playing in a larger group and a spirit of friendly competition was evident. I'd like to think the thing they really enjoyed was having the opportunity to play in an organised game. The decline of board games and the widening availability of solitary computer games is a hot topic amongst parents and as the weeks have past I've had comments from the parents saying how much their children have enjoyed playing. and how they have been asking to play at home, choosing time to play Top Trumps with friends and family, instead of computer games.

I can honestly say the Top Trumps Club has been a success and I'm very happy that I chose such a simple game, which needs minimum preparation and intervention to provide such a huge amount of fun and I really would recommend it to other schools looking for alternative and fun after school clubs!


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